Canada’s Favourite Sticker Subscription

Keeping Kids Busy on Road Trips!

Summer is upon us, and for many families that means long trips in the car with antsy kids in the back, driving to and from the cottage or AirBnB rental.

How can you keep the kids engaged for hours on end—ideally while keeping them off iPads and iPhone screens? Look no further than the classic activities of the 80s and 90s...


No-Screen Car Activities for Kids!

1. Mess-free colouring books

2. Magnetic board games

3. Sticker books and stickers!!!

Stickers are irresistible for kids, no matter their age. Children wouldn't be children if they weren't drawn to the stickers' vibrant colours, bright designs and the fact that they can decorate anything! 

With a Sticker Party sticker subscription, the monthly sticker mail-outs can be saved for a weekend trip to surprise and delight the littles. Kids will be occupied for HOURS as they fill up, organize and design the pages of their sticker book!

Every Sticker Party order comes with its own old school sticker book—just like we had back in the day! Open the spiral-bound cover, peel back the transparency and lay out those stickers however you choose... Do you sort by colour? theme?? sticker type??? The choice is yours!


This year, our family is headed out on a plane via Swoop Airlines to Halifax, Nova Scotia. We've never been, even though the flight is only 2 hours from the Hamilton airport. It may sound short, but even 2 hours can feel like forever if the kids don't have enough to do. We'll be packing the stickers, you can be sure!


Have a wonderful summer, everyone!