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How to Remove Stickers from Any Surface (and Prevent it from Happening Again!)

Stickers. Kids LOVE them, parents LOATHE them! Or to be more accurate, parents simply loathe when stickers wind up where they don't belong!

But parents do understand the mess: Stickers are irresistible to kids! And those parents were (of course) kids themselves at one point... so they get it.

I myself distinctly remember decorating my white dresser in fuzzy red Sandy Lion heart stickers when I was 4 years old in the 1980s. It was much prettier after that (or at least I thought so... my mother was less than thrilled). 

Then as a pre-teen I remember decorating my school binders in bold die-cut stickers that lined up with the identity I was trying to create out for myself: artsy cartoons, declarative "GIRL POWER" decals, colourful peace signs.

Stickers make for great decor when used appropriately. And when they aren't, you just need to follow these simple steps, depending on the surface they are stuck to:

1. How to remove sticker stuck to walls / paint

2. How to remove sticker stuck to wood / wooden furniture

3. How to remove sticker stuck to windows / glass

4. How to remove sticker stuck to car / furniture upholstery

5. How to remove sticker stuck to plastic

6. How to remove sticker stuck to tile

7. How to remove sticker stuck to the inside of the dryer

8. How to remove sticker stuck to car body (paint / exterior)

9. How to remove sticker stuck to skin

10. How to remove sticker stuck to another sticker


Now after a list like that, what you'd also probably like to know is how to PREVENT stickers from getting stuck all over your house, car, furniture and in places they don't belong!

And the answer to that is very simple: kids can comply with cleanliness/orderliness protocols when they have the organizational strategies at hand. So, get your kids a sticker book! They'll have all the fun you want them to have, but in a way that makes you both happy—no clean up necessary.

A sticker book from Sticker Party will offer kids 20 pages (front and back) to fill up, organize, plan, design, and store their whole collection. Best of all, at 6.5 x 9", it fits on any bookshelf and in the little hands that will love it most.

Have fun and stay clean, friends!!


Rebecca... AKA Mom ;)